The Name:
One of the first question we get asked is about our name. Minpin Technologies got the name from our pets. We own three Minature Pinchers, called Minpin's for short. When we started the company, we had no children and our pets were like family. As many who own pets can atest to. Minature Pinchers are wonderful animals full (very full) of life. Minpin Technologies believes in family, relationships and living life to the fullest. So we took the name Minpin. And besides, the domain was available, short and easy to remember.

Our History:
Minpin Technologies was founded by Rob Daniels in 1997. Originally founded under the name Minpin Graphics, we have provided support and training to individuals and companies of all sizes. Rob started in the world of photography. This immediately led to Adobe Photoshop and the Mac. Since then Rob has been network manager of a publishing company and supported many other clients. The first several years after the comapny was formed, Rob traveled the country providing training, seminars, speaking at conference on computer graphics. More recently Rob has focused regionally on his home market in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Lisa, Rob's wife, assists in schduling, calls and production work.

In 1998 Minpin Technologies added the Digital Training Institute name for it's training endeavors. Digital Training Institute has been, and remains, Kansas City's Premier Adobe Solutions Network Partner for training. Becoming, at the time, the regions only Adobe Certified Training Provider. After that achievement, we broadened our Adobe Certified Training Provider status to become the regions most comprehensive training partner. During this time we trained more than 14,000 individuals around the country on Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat and more. We still continue to travel providing a strong on-site and customized training option.

Recently, Minpin Technologies and Digital Training Institute has successfully completed training more than 1500 users of a large local company on the new Mac OS X operating system.

Our Purpose:
Minpin Technologies is dedicated to the support and training of computer users and their systems from home users to corporations. Added to this dedication are a core set of company beliefs that include:
- Relationship is more important than the technology.
- Partnering to make technology meet and support the companies goals. Not just driving technology for technologies sake.
- Provide personal attention to every client.
- A well trained staff saves time and money.